Tips on Quitting Your Job and Becoming a Digital Nomad

Practically no-one nowadays dreams of an 8 to 6 schedule where you are locked in a building for a whole day. More and more people are embracing a kind of vagabond life, quitting their previous jobs and going digital nomads. While it’s hardly a social trend nowadays, it’s clearly becoming more popular, especially among the Millennials.

The first (and perhaps the most important issue) that people meet is fear. Indeed, it’s extremely hard to ditch an already established way of life, choosing something else. This is why you need some pro tips on how to make this change as smooth as possible.

Tips from True Expatriates Who Ditched Everything Becoming Nomads

  • Do your research or learn new things.
    Before you come up to your boss saying that you want to quit, you have to do your research. Google some websites where freelancers usually get their orders and check out what kind of services people usually need. If you could do the same, probably you’re all set and could quit. If you can’t find anything you could do, it might be better to start taking IT courses so you could be more competent.
  • Try to find a place where you will lower costs of living.
    Many people dream of hiring staff to take care of cleaning or cooking. Others simply want to have better furniture, cooler design and exotic food. One of the best benefits this lifestyle offers you is that you can earn as much as you earn in the US, but you will spend less living somewhere on an island.
  • If you want more stability, find a permanent remote job.
    There are plenty of massive companies who hire workers to work remotely. This is your chance to try something new, work from home and still be fully sure of your salary. You will also have a more set schedule, but many people find this way of working better as they are sure of how much they could rely on each month.
  • Cut your expenses. Now.
    You would be surprised by how many things you could easily live without. Some of those are in your daily routine. Cutting your expenses on those would allow you save something in case you need some money immediately and will make this nomadic change smooth.
  • Try starting your own business.
    A cool way to earn for you would be to start a business, though it’s not a perfect idea for everyone. If you are still not sure if you could possibly do it, it would be smarter to start when you still have a regular job.
  • Do it now.
    Many people that I’ve encountered claimed that they wanted to be a digital nomad for a long time, yet something was always stopping them. This is why if you are putting off those thoughts for some time, it would be better if you start now. It doesn’t matter whether you’re scared, if you jump start immediately, it would be easier later.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people.

It’s hard to believe you can do something as crazy as live off your skills somewhere on Bali. But if you start talking to those people who did the same, listen to their podcasts or so, you will believe in yourself.

A huge thing that you have to learn is to forget your fears of failure. Most likely, you will fail, but as long as you get back up, it doesn’t really matter. Remember that you should always have an exit strategy, as it’s also possible that you will find this lifestyle too weird or unacceptable for yourself after a while. Having a backup plan is always a good idea that brings confidence.

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