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I know that there are many talented writers out there who either want to become expats or are ones already. This is why I want to give them an opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences with me and with my audience.

This gives me a chance to meet new people, or maybe even make really good friends. It’s also a chance for you to tell some really cool stories or advertise your own content. I don’t have that many rules, but still, you have to keep to common sense before you submit your post.

My Basic Rules for Guest Posting

  • You can include some links.
    I realize that this is a good way for an author to put in some links, so if you have a blog or a website you’re running, those links are really welcome. But remember that you can’t include too many and don’t write heavily advertised posts, I won’t approve those. Usually, people use about 2-3 links.
  • Don’t write on the same topics.
    If you’re just planning your post, please, reread some of my content to make sure you’re not duplicating information. I highly value the time of my readers and don’t want them to waste it.
  • Make sure your post has some pictures.
    People love beautiful pictures that capture one’s sight immediately. Include a picture before you send me your post. You could try something inspiring, creative or even fashionable.
  • Write longer than 500 words.
    I’m going for longer posts here, so I would appreciate if you write longer articles too. Create informative and precise posts that people will be interested in reading.
  • Include personal stories.
    If you’re writing your own story, you have 99% chance that I will actually publish it here. I love stories and I notices that my readers absolutely adore them too. So if you’re willing to share your experience of being a digital nomad, I would love to hear it as soon as possible.
  • Don’t publish it anywhere else.
    I’m going for unique content (this will be checked). So if you have your article already published somewhere else, please write something else.

If you follow those rules, most likely, I will publish your piece of writing. I would be happy to see it on my blog. Make sure you also check your content for spelling and grammar errors before you submit it. I’ll be waiting for your e-mails.

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