Reasons Why You Need to Rent a Wheelchair When Traveling

Are you a wheelchair user, or companion of one who will be traveling soon? If you’re either of the two, and flying or riding a train somewhere, then you have to do either of these two options. The first option is to bring you or your companion’s wheelchair. The second is to get wheelchair rental services during your tour. The latter option is something that you might want to strongly consider. Here are the reasons why:


Packing and checking in your wheelchair and then bringing it out upon arrival are tedious and time-consuming tasks. Wheelchairs are also heavy, so they’ll add more to your baggage costs. Hence, it’s better to rent a wheelchair from the place you’re going to. There’s no need for you to unpack, pack or worry about additional baggage costs. All you have to do is call the wheelchair rental provider, reserve a unit, and have it delivered to your plane or train’s arrival area. You can also request the wheelchair provider to pick your unit up before your flight.

A Budget-Friendly Option

Renting a wheelchair is much more inexpensive than paying luggage fees for you or your companion’s wheelchair. Think of how much you could save and spend on other valuable experiences when you rent a wheelchair.


If you are going to rent wheelchair units of different sizes are available from providers. You can find something that is closest to the one you or your companion owns. There’s no need to think of how you’ll make yourself comfortable, because surely you’ll find something that will suit you. Call a wheelchair provider in advance to tell them what you or your companion’s specific needs are.


Wheelchair rental providers have wheelchairs that are compatible with the tourist locations you’ll be visiting. They also know which tourist spots have accessibility features so they’ll be able to recommend which ones you need to visit, as well as steer clear of. It would be helpful for you and the provider if you could request recommendations during your trip.
Aside from wheelchair-friendly locations, wheelchair rental providers can also guide you to the nearest clinic, hospital, or medical center in case you would need assistance.

A Proven and Trustworthy Option

Countries or localities that have wheelchair rental services are disability-friendly countries. That means you could find an experienced and trusted provider of wheelchairs because the government mandates them to do so.

One of the countries that has a proven track record in wheelchair rental services is Singapore. When it comes to wheelchair rental Singapore is a place that is abundant with them. There are a lot of experienced and customer-centric wheelchair rental providers across the country. There are also wheelchair rental services in many of its tourist attractions including Gardens by the Bay and Universal Studios, but renting a single unit from just one provider would be better for you. Finally, it allows you to go on tours with no hitch or hassle of transferring from one wheelchair to another.

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