Why You Should Rent a Wheelchair During your Holiday Trip to Singapore

During the festive season, many people and families are busy picking holiday destinations to go to. Singapore is one of the destinations that people like to visit. Despite its relatively modest size, it is well-known for its diverse culture, places of attraction, 5-star hotels and a wide range of food to choose from.

However, what if you or one of your family members have difficulties with mobility and need a wheelchair to aid in your mobility to get around Singapore? It won’t be practical to buy a wheelchair if you only plan to use it for a few days during your holiday in Singapore. In addition, it will be rather inconvenient to bring one of your own from home. So do you just forget about your holiday in Singapore?

Don’t fret though as you won’t have to miss out on enjoying your holiday. You can actually rent a wheelchair in Singapore if you plan to only use it for a short period of time in Singapore.

Why You Should Rent a Wheelchair During your Visit to Singapore

Now, you’ll probably be wondering why you should even rent a wheelchair during your visit to Singapore to begin with. Here are a few reasons to help you clear your doubts:

Cost effective
A wheelchair cost on average about a few hundred dollars. It obviously doesn’t make dollar sense to spend so much money if you are only using it for a few days. Even if you have your own wheelchair, you may have to pay for transportation fees and extra tax if you wish to bring it along on your trip to Singapore. Hence it will be more cost effective to rent a wheelchair from a  company in Singapore like Habibi wheelchair rental. Their prices range from a few dollars for a few days to slightly lesser than a hundred dollars for over a week..

The next reason why you should rent a wheelchair while on holiday in Singapore is convenience. By renting, you don’t have to bring along your own bulky wheelchair or get worried about getting one while on vacation in Singapore. Wheelchair collection points for rented wheelchairs are at located strategic locations around Singapore. In fact, some wheelchair rental companies actually offer 2-way delivery and collection for rented wheelchairs.

Simple Process
The most obvious reason why you should rent a wheelchair is due to its simple process. You can actually start by typing the words “rent wheelchair” on a search engine. Once the results are displayed, you can check the types of wheelchair rental Singapore companies there are. Do take note of what the company has to offer from wheelchair features and specifications to the ease of renting the wheelchair. Once you have decided on which wheelchair to rent, you will usually have to fill up a booking form online to rent the wheelchair online from the website. Once confirmation of the wheelchair rental is received, you can usually either make payment online or in person. Finally, you can collect the wheelchair or have it delivered to your location.

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