How Long Can You Use Your Vehicle Before Bringing It to a Scrap Yard?

Buying a vehicle here in Singapore is a serious investment. That is why you need to make the most of it before you bring it to the scrap yard and purchase a replacement.

Costs of Owning and Driving a Car

The costs of maintaining a car are expensive. After buying a vehicle, you need to secure two authorisations from the Land Transporation Authority (LTA). These authorisations are the Certificate of Entitlement (CoE), which entitles you to car ownership for ten years, and your driving licence. Both authorisations are very costly.

Another reason that makes car ownership expensive are road usage costs. The Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system is an electronic toll collection system that mandates you to pay certain fees for road use during rush hour. The ERP is a pay-per-use scheme, so the government won’t charge if you’re not using your car that day. However, if you regularly use your car to go to work, bring the children to school, or both, then this could be a major cost for you. Lastly, you have the road tax. Road tax is renewable every six months or every year, given that you have a valid inspection certificate. Cars that are three to 10 years old require inspection every two years, while older cars need annual inspection.

All these costs are on top of your regular maintenance and fuel costs.

How Long Should I Make My Car Last?

The CoE lasts ten years, so ideally you should make your car last for that period. Yes, renewing your car’s CoE is a valid option but also an expensive one. And we all know how expensive the maintenance of old cars could be in comparison to the new ones. But if you are really good at maintaining your car, then you could go for this option. Just remember that cars more than a decade old require paying for an annual inspection certificate, while newer ones need inspecting only every two years. However, if you don’t want to be burdened with lots of paperwork and expenses, scrapping your vehicle would be the best way for you to go.

How Can I Make My Car Last?

Taking your car to the shop for regular checking is one way. Apart from this, you need to make sure that your car is in tip-top shape every time. Always remember to check your “BLOWBAG”. The acronym stands for:

B – Battery
L – Lights
O – Oil
W – Water
B – Brakes
A – Air
G – Gas

If you find one of these malfunctioning, take it immediately to the car repair shop. However, if most of them are already rusty, then it’s time to take your car to the scrap yard.

Scrap Your Car with Seng Huat (

Seng Huat Motors Trading Pte Ltd is an LTA-authorised agent you can take your old car for scrapping. The Seng Huat scrap yard has over 30 years experience so you’ll be sure you’ll get the most value for your money. For more information, visit their website at


5 Pro Tips to Survive as a Single Female Expatriate

Being an expat is really hard on its own, as you have to face many issues like lonesomeness, homesickness, lack of support or financial struggle. But it’s much harder to be a woman and work abroad. This is especially true if you’re older, as making friends is easier for young pre-college students. Still, there are some proven tips that worked for adult single women moving abroad for work.

A Single Lady’s Guide to Living Abroad

  1. You have to learn that new language.
    Even if you don’t have to do it due to work, not being able to talk freely in another country is a big issue. Studies show that most people feel lonely when they lack communication, and if you refuse to learn a language, you’re locking yourself from many cool experiences.
  2. Find your “fellow exchange students”.
    When people in high school or college take their exchange year, they usually have groups of people in the same situation. So try to meet people who understand what it’s like to be so far from home now. Maybe you could find other expatriates or even digital nomads. If you find someone from your own country, you will even start a strong friendship, as you’ll understand each other’s cultural needs better.
  3. Try dating.
    If you’re feeling riskier, you could try dating. There are many online sites and options like Tinder where you could meet other singles in your area to spend some time together. Sometimes having that little romantic affair is exactly what you need as an expat. And who knows, that might lead to something even more serious.
  4. Find communities.
    People love communities and talking to those who share their interests. If you’re willing to try this, you might find a local crafty club where you could showcase your ideas and meet new people.
  5. Talk to your friends or family back home.
    Another good idea is to maintain good communication with people you’re already in an established relationship with. You can call your friends or your mom and ask their advice. Hearing some news from home would make you feel better and more comfortable.

A Tip on Dealing with Homesickness

As a woman, you will probably feel even more lonely and emotional when being an expat. It takes extraordinary courage and will to deal with everything. But even the strongest people experience homesickness that they find difficult to find. Fortunately, there is a way that helps almost everyone.

FOMO anxiety is real. This is why you have to take a break from calling and sending messages home. This would be the last thing you want to do, and you will want to continue talking to your old friends, but try to avoid that. Instead, you could go out and try something new and exciting. Start with visiting places designated for tourists and trying delicious local foods.

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