Good Places to Find Affordable Food & Clothing for a Muslim Expat Living in Singapore

Singapore has been the forefront of good economic growth and high standard of living. It owes part of its strong economic growth to foreigners who come here to work. From construction workers, foreign domestic helpers to employees, managers, executives and directors in small medium enterprises(SME) and multinational corporations(MNCs), foreigners have been a huge contributing factor to Singapore’s growth.

Therefore, if you are a Muslim professional aspiring to work overseas and increase your portfolio credentials, Singapore is definitely one place you should consider. But of course, before you head on over here to live and work as an expat, you need to know where you can find some of the best Halal and Muslim friendly places to eat and shop in Singapore.

Sultan Mosque Area

The Sultan Mosque is the oldest mosque in Singapore and has been around since the 19th century. It went through a reconstruction in the early 20th century but still maintained its historical and Islamic roots.

The area around the Sultan mosque is packed with loads of Halal and Muslim friendly eateries and places to shop. Many of them come at affordable prices and due to the sheer volume of places, you are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the best ones.

Just beside the the back entrance of the mosque is Rumah Makan Minang, a Halal eatery that serves up some of the best and most authentic Malay dishes. If you walk further down, you will be greeted with a wide array of shops selling Mediterannean dishes as well as some of the best Muslim fashion ware like nice hijab style, abaya designs, jubah, baju kurongs and even clothing accessories and  fragrances like oudh and attar. If you venture even further down Bussorah Street and Kandahar Street, you will see even more Halal eateries like Kampong Glam Cafe and other fashion shops.

Geylang Serai Market

The next area any Muslim expat should visit to dine and shop at is the Geylang Serai Market. This location has been rooted in the history of the Muslim community of Singapore since the 1960s and is still a favorite hotspot for many local and foreign Muslims till today.

This place is famous for its Halal shops lining up the second floor of the hawker centre. You can find literally all kinds of Halal food from Malay, Indian, Middle Eastern and even Chinese dishes. Once you are done eating, you can head on over to the vast array of shops selling all kinds of Muslim fashion ware, located just beside the hawker centre. All the food and clothings found at the Geylang Serai Market come at affordable prices and at the best quality.

Local Based Online Halal Guides & Muslim Fashion Shop

The next option is a convenient one for Muslim expats who are tech savvy and prefer to find out more about Halal food and Muslim friendly fashion online. There are numerous local based online Halal guides and Muslim fashion shops that offer some of the most updated curated content with some even allowing direct bookings or purchases from their websites.

Two such examples of these are HalalGo & HijabDressUp. HalalGo is an online guide for Muslim conscious travelers, offering some of the best content on Halal food and Muslim friendly hotels and places in Singapore and many more cities. On the other hand, HijabDressUp, offers some of the best Muslimah fashion ware from affordable hijab style, trendy jubahs, affordable abaya designs, elegant jilbab to even affordable burkini swimwear.


Top Places to Find Halal Food in Singapore if you are a Muslim Expat

If you are a Muslim expat living and working in Singapore, you’ll probably be wondering about where to find the best halal places to eat in Singapore. There are no shortage of that but the only thing is you need to know where to look. So sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of this article to find out more about the top places to find halal food in Singapore but just don’t drool too much though.

Aqua Marine in Marina Mandarin Hotel

The first place on our list is Aqua Marine restaurant in the Marina Mandarin hotel. It has one of the top halal hotel buffet Singapore has to offer. The buffet stations are one of the largest you can find, filled with endless Asian and international dishes. Alternatively, you can also choose to order from the ala carte menu if you prefer.

Breeze Bistro Bar in Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel

The next option on our list is the Halal-certified kitchen which serves the Breez Bistro Bar in the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel. It is another one of the top halal hotel restaurants in Singapore that serves up delicious local and international delights. As you enjoy your meal and drinks, you can also enjoy the spectacular view of the hotel’s swimming pool.

Fork & Spoon in Toa Payoh HDB Hub

So far the food places on our list above are restaurants. But if you will like to get good food while on a tight budget, then the rest of the article will enlighten you on the suitable places to look out for starting with Fork & Spoon Food Court in Toa Payoh HDB Hub. This food court is strategically located near Toa Payoh Central which is one of the most centralised places in Singapore. From Toa Payoh, you can head on to many places in Singapore by taking the bus or the train. Anyway, there are numerous types of food that can be found at Fork & Spoon from local Chinese and Malay dishes to other Asian food like Japanese, Korean, Thai to even Western food. The best part is that everything here is halal and very value for money.

Kopitiam at Various Locations

The last stop (actually stops) on our list is the Kopitiam Food Court with a few branches around Singapore such as the Tan Tock Seng Hospital, National University Hospital and Vivo City. Like Fork & Spoon, Kopitiam also serves a wide array of local and Asian dishes at affordable prices. However, not everything is halal so do ensure that you look out for the Islamic Council of Singapore (MUIS) halal certified symbol before you make your order.

We’ve now come to the end of the list of top halal places in Singapore for a Muslim expat living and working here. But if you will like to find out more about halal and Muslim friendly places in other cities such as halal street food in Bangkokhalal food places in London or even halal places in New York, then check out HalalGo now.

Reasons Why You Need to Rent a Wheelchair When Traveling

Are you a wheelchair user, or companion of one who will be traveling soon? If you’re either of the two, and flying or riding a train somewhere, then you have to do either of these two options. The first option is to bring you or your companion’s wheelchair. The second is to get wheelchair rental services during your tour. The latter option is something that you might want to strongly consider. Here are the reasons why:


Packing and checking in your wheelchair and then bringing it out upon arrival are tedious and time-consuming tasks. Wheelchairs are also heavy, so they’ll add more to your baggage costs. Hence, it’s better to rent a wheelchair from the place you’re going to. There’s no need for you to unpack, pack or worry about additional baggage costs. All you have to do is call the wheelchair rental provider, reserve a unit, and have it delivered to your plane or train’s arrival area. You can also request the wheelchair provider to pick your unit up before your flight.

A Budget-Friendly Option

Renting a wheelchair is much more inexpensive than paying luggage fees for you or your companion’s wheelchair. Think of how much you could save and spend on other valuable experiences when you rent a wheelchair.


If you are going to rent wheelchair units of different sizes are available from providers. You can find something that is closest to the one you or your companion owns. There’s no need to think of how you’ll make yourself comfortable, because surely you’ll find something that will suit you. Call a wheelchair provider in advance to tell them what you or your companion’s specific needs are.


Wheelchair rental providers have wheelchairs that are compatible with the tourist locations you’ll be visiting. They also know which tourist spots have accessibility features so they’ll be able to recommend which ones you need to visit, as well as steer clear of. It would be helpful for you and the provider if you could request recommendations during your trip.
Aside from wheelchair-friendly locations, wheelchair rental providers can also guide you to the nearest clinic, hospital, or medical center in case you would need assistance.

A Proven and Trustworthy Option

Countries or localities that have wheelchair rental services are disability-friendly countries. That means you could find an experienced and trusted provider of wheelchairs because the government mandates them to do so.

One of the countries that has a proven track record in wheelchair rental services is Singapore. When it comes to wheelchair rental Singapore is a place that is abundant with them. There are a lot of experienced and customer-centric wheelchair rental providers across the country. There are also wheelchair rental services in many of its tourist attractions including Gardens by the Bay and Universal Studios, but renting a single unit from just one provider would be better for you. Finally, it allows you to go on tours with no hitch or hassle of transferring from one wheelchair to another.

How Long Can You Use Your Vehicle Before Bringing It to a Scrap Yard?

Buying a vehicle here in Singapore is a serious investment. That is why you need to make the most of it before you bring it to the scrap yard and purchase a replacement.

Costs of Owning and Driving a Car

The costs of maintaining a car are expensive. After buying a vehicle, you need to secure two authorisations from the Land Transporation Authority (LTA). These authorisations are the Certificate of Entitlement (CoE), which entitles you to car ownership for ten years, and your driving licence. Both authorisations are very costly.

Another reason that makes car ownership expensive are road usage costs. The Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system is an electronic toll collection system that mandates you to pay certain fees for road use during rush hour. The ERP is a pay-per-use scheme, so the government won’t charge if you’re not using your car that day. However, if you regularly use your car to go to work, bring the children to school, or both, then this could be a major cost for you. Lastly, you have the road tax. Road tax is renewable every six months or every year, given that you have a valid inspection certificate. Cars that are three to 10 years old require inspection every two years, while older cars need annual inspection.

All these costs are on top of your regular maintenance and fuel costs.

How Long Should I Make My Car Last?

The CoE lasts ten years, so ideally you should make your car last for that period. Yes, renewing your car’s CoE is a valid option but also an expensive one. And we all know how expensive the maintenance of old cars could be in comparison to the new ones. But if you are really good at maintaining your car, then you could go for this option. Just remember that cars more than a decade old require paying for an annual inspection certificate, while newer ones need inspecting only every two years. However, if you don’t want to be burdened with lots of paperwork and expenses, scrapping your vehicle would be the best way for you to go.

How Can I Make My Car Last?

Taking your car to the shop for regular checking is one way. Apart from this, you need to make sure that your car is in tip-top shape every time. Always remember to check your “BLOWBAG”. The acronym stands for:

B – Battery
L – Lights
O – Oil
W – Water
B – Brakes
A – Air
G – Gas

If you find one of these malfunctioning, take it immediately to the car repair shop. However, if most of them are already rusty, then it’s time to take your car to the scrap yard.

Scrap Your Car with Seng Huat (

Seng Huat Motors Trading Pte Ltd is an LTA-authorised agent you can take your old car for scrapping. The Seng Huat scrap yard has over 30 years experience so you’ll be sure you’ll get the most value for your money. For more information, visit their website at


5 Pro Tips to Survive as a Single Female Expatriate

Being an expat is really hard on its own, as you have to face many issues like lonesomeness, homesickness, lack of support or financial struggle. But it’s much harder to be a woman and work abroad. This is especially true if you’re older, as making friends is easier for young pre-college students. Still, there are some proven tips that worked for adult single women moving abroad for work.

A Single Lady’s Guide to Living Abroad

  1. You have to learn that new language.
    Even if you don’t have to do it due to work, not being able to talk freely in another country is a big issue. Studies show that most people feel lonely when they lack communication, and if you refuse to learn a language, you’re locking yourself from many cool experiences.
  2. Find your “fellow exchange students”.
    When people in high school or college take their exchange year, they usually have groups of people in the same situation. So try to meet people who understand what it’s like to be so far from home now. Maybe you could find other expatriates or even digital nomads. If you find someone from your own country, you will even start a strong friendship, as you’ll understand each other’s cultural needs better.
  3. Try dating.
    If you’re feeling riskier, you could try dating. There are many online sites and options like Tinder where you could meet other singles in your area to spend some time together. Sometimes having that little romantic affair is exactly what you need as an expat. And who knows, that might lead to something even more serious.
  4. Find communities.
    People love communities and talking to those who share their interests. If you’re willing to try this, you might find a local crafty club where you could showcase your ideas and meet new people.
  5. Talk to your friends or family back home.
    Another good idea is to maintain good communication with people you’re already in an established relationship with. You can call your friends or your mom and ask their advice. Hearing some news from home would make you feel better and more comfortable.

A Tip on Dealing with Homesickness

As a woman, you will probably feel even more lonely and emotional when being an expat. It takes extraordinary courage and will to deal with everything. But even the strongest people experience homesickness that they find difficult to find. Fortunately, there is a way that helps almost everyone.

FOMO anxiety is real. This is why you have to take a break from calling and sending messages home. This would be the last thing you want to do, and you will want to continue talking to your old friends, but try to avoid that. Instead, you could go out and try something new and exciting. Start with visiting places designated for tourists and trying delicious local foods.

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