Good Places to Find Affordable Food & Clothing for a Muslim Expat Living in Singapore

Singapore has been the forefront of good economic growth and high standard of living. It owes part of its strong economic growth to foreigners who come here to work. From construction workers, foreign domestic helpers to employees, managers, executives and directors in small medium enterprises(SME) and multinational corporations(MNCs), foreigners have been a huge contributing factor to Singapore’s growth.

Therefore, if you are a Muslim professional aspiring to work overseas and increase your portfolio credentials, Singapore is definitely one place you should consider. But of course, before you head on over here to live and work as an expat, you need to know where you can find some of the best Halal and Muslim friendly places to eat and shop in Singapore.

Sultan Mosque Area

The Sultan Mosque is the oldest mosque in Singapore and has been around since the 19th century. It went through a reconstruction in the early 20th century but still maintained its historical and Islamic roots.

The area around the Sultan mosque is packed with loads of Halal and Muslim friendly eateries and places to shop. Many of them come at affordable prices and due to the sheer volume of places, you are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the best ones.

Just beside the the back entrance of the mosque is Rumah Makan Minang, a Halal eatery that serves up some of the best and most authentic Malay dishes. If you walk further down, you will be greeted with a wide array of shops selling Mediterannean dishes as well as some of the best Muslim fashion ware like nice hijab style, abaya designs, jubah, baju kurongs and even clothing accessories and  fragrances like oudh and attar. If you venture even further down Bussorah Street and Kandahar Street, you will see even more Halal eateries like Kampong Glam Cafe and other fashion shops.

Geylang Serai Market

The next area any Muslim expat should visit to dine and shop at is the Geylang Serai Market. This location has been rooted in the history of the Muslim community of Singapore since the 1960s and is still a favorite hotspot for many local and foreign Muslims till today.

This place is famous for its Halal shops lining up the second floor of the hawker centre. You can find literally all kinds of Halal food from Malay, Indian, Middle Eastern and even Chinese dishes. Once you are done eating, you can head on over to the vast array of shops selling all kinds of Muslim fashion ware, located just beside the hawker centre. All the food and clothings found at the Geylang Serai Market come at affordable prices and at the best quality.

Local Based Online Halal Guides & Muslim Fashion Shop

The next option is a convenient one for Muslim expats who are tech savvy and prefer to find out more about Halal food and Muslim friendly fashion online. There are numerous local based online Halal guides and Muslim fashion shops that offer some of the most updated curated content with some even allowing direct bookings or purchases from their websites.

Two such examples of these are HalalGo & HijabDressUp. HalalGo is an online guide for Muslim conscious travelers, offering some of the best content on Halal food and Muslim friendly hotels and places in Singapore and many more cities. On the other hand, HijabDressUp, offers some of the best Muslimah fashion ware from affordable hijab style, trendy jubahs, affordable abaya designs, elegant jilbab to even affordable burkini swimwear.


How You Can Develop an App in Singapore Even If you’re No Techie

Are you looking to build a mobile app but don’t have the first clue where to start? You’ve got a great idea, one that you just know is going to take off, but you don’t know how to code, or design, you don’t really know much about app building at all. Really, you don’t need to know and here’s why. There are several things you can do:

1. Learn to Code
Anyone can learn how to code, it isn’t difficult and there are plenty of online sources and courses that you can go to. You just need to learn enough to get a basic first version of the app up and running. It must be an MVP app – minimum viable product, one that offers some kind of value to potential customers and, once you get that far, you can take it much further.

2. Hire a Team or Agency
If learning to code is not your thing or you just want to get things off the ground straight away, then hiring a mobile app development agency or an external team to help could be the way to go. You can search for any app company Singapore has to offer but make sure you hire one that has the relevant experience in working with people who are not technically minded. And don’t expect a cheap price – you know the old saying, “if you pay peanuts, you only get monkeys.” It’s very true in this case. The co-founder, John Collison, of Stripe had this to say:
“The problem with outsourcers is that to get a good job done, the level of detail you need in the spec often seems so high that you’re basically writing pseudocode. You can’t just give somebody a feature and say, ‘make it awesome.’ At that level of detail, you might as well write the code yourself.”

So, here’s how you do it:
● Save your cash up; enough to get your app built and off the ground
● Have the first app version developed to only offer the core value of the app – the absolute bare bones must-have. Everything else can come later
● Invest and get this app in the stores, get some traction. Try to generate the revenue you need from the start
Then, and only then you can move on to improving the app

3. Use an App Builder
There are quite a few of these available to all users, no matter what their technical level is and they all help you to get your first app built, up and running without the need to write any code at all. These are a great idea for those who already have a web app and want to give it mobile ability as well, but they won’t work if you are looking for a custom mobile app development solution.

Really and truthfully, these are your only options for getting an app built if you don’t have any real technical skills. App building requires effort, understanding and no small measure of analytical skills not to mention being able to detect and fix bugs in your app. You won’t get that at a cheap price so don’t settle for second best. One of the best app company in Singapore that will offer you the best service at a competitive price is Ambient,, Web & App Development Agency Singapore & Malaysia.

Have An Overseas Pre-Wedding Photography Session

Pre-wedding photography is a beautiful way to introduce your guests to your love story. It tells people about your personality as a couple and builds excitement towards the big day. You can have your pre-wedding photography sessions here in Singapore. But, if you want to set yourself apart from other bridegrooms, you can have it overseas.

Having it overseas has a lot of advantages. First, it has an element of travel. You and your husband-to-be can enjoy a quick vacation even if you’re busy with wedding preparations. Also, more people now are open to traveling because of the different experience it has to offer. Anything now that involves travel excites people, including your guests. Second, it’s cost-efficient. Traveling and doing a pre-wedding photo shoot seems expensive, but it is not. It is actually more affordable than traveling and having a photo shoot separately. Third, it sets you apart from everyone else.

In this article, we present some of the best venues from Asia and Europe for pre-wedding photography:

Indonesia (Bali)

If you and your husband are a fan of history, art, architecture, and beaches, have your shoot in Bali, Indonesia. Pristine, clear blue waters and impressive rock formations serve as a backdrop for your photos frolicking in the sun. Temples and Balinese architecture give your photos a low-key and earthy elegance. This location is also fitting for couples who like backpacking and going outdoors.


You can never go wrong with a pre-wedding photo shoot in the land of the rising sun. Japan is so traditional yet dynamic, that you can shoot there whatever your personality may be. Urban dwellers would love to pose among the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Couples who are fond of elegance and sophistication would enjoy Osaka for its grand golden temples. Sapporo is a region for couples who are more laid-back. You can have your shoot in spring among cherry blossoms, autumn as leaves delicately fall or enchanting winter.


Europe is the top and most iconic destination for couples who want to do pre-wedding photoshoots. The region, especially the west, is replete with iconic locations that serve as perfect backdrops to your photos. Take a walk along Abbey Road, or go for a stroll around River Thames before heading to the marvelous Big Ben. Exude a lovely and romantic aura as you pose in Paris with the Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe behind you. Pose as majestic royals in front of Germany’s grand castles. With Europe, the possibilities are endless!

Have a Dream Wedding

If you want to have a pre-wedding photography session overseas, make sure to look for a company which is highly-experienced in doing it. Dream Wedding SG has shot in various locations all over the globe including Amsterdam, Taiwan, France, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia. You can find their portfolio here: Aside from this, they also provide bride and bridesmaid gown rental services. To know more, visit here: Visit their website to begin planning your dream wedding today!


Tips on Quitting Your Job and Becoming a Digital Nomad

Practically no-one nowadays dreams of an 8 to 6 schedule where you are locked in a building for a whole day. More and more people are embracing a kind of vagabond life, quitting their previous jobs and going digital nomads. While it’s hardly a social trend nowadays, it’s clearly becoming more popular, especially among the Millennials.

The first (and perhaps the most important issue) that people meet is fear. Indeed, it’s extremely hard to ditch an already established way of life, choosing something else. This is why you need some pro tips on how to make this change as smooth as possible.

Tips from True Expatriates Who Ditched Everything Becoming Nomads

  • Do your research or learn new things.
    Before you come up to your boss saying that you want to quit, you have to do your research. Google some websites where freelancers usually get their orders and check out what kind of services people usually need. If you could do the same, probably you’re all set and could quit. If you can’t find anything you could do, it might be better to start taking IT courses so you could be more competent.
  • Try to find a place where you will lower costs of living.
    Many people dream of hiring staff to take care of cleaning or cooking. Others simply want to have better furniture, cooler design and exotic food. One of the best benefits this lifestyle offers you is that you can earn as much as you earn in the US, but you will spend less living somewhere on an island.
  • If you want more stability, find a permanent remote job.
    There are plenty of massive companies who hire workers to work remotely. This is your chance to try something new, work from home and still be fully sure of your salary. You will also have a more set schedule, but many people find this way of working better as they are sure of how much they could rely on each month.
  • Cut your expenses. Now.
    You would be surprised by how many things you could easily live without. Some of those are in your daily routine. Cutting your expenses on those would allow you save something in case you need some money immediately and will make this nomadic change smooth.
  • Try starting your own business.
    A cool way to earn for you would be to start a business, though it’s not a perfect idea for everyone. If you are still not sure if you could possibly do it, it would be smarter to start when you still have a regular job.
  • Do it now.
    Many people that I’ve encountered claimed that they wanted to be a digital nomad for a long time, yet something was always stopping them. This is why if you are putting off those thoughts for some time, it would be better if you start now. It doesn’t matter whether you’re scared, if you jump start immediately, it would be easier later.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people.

It’s hard to believe you can do something as crazy as live off your skills somewhere on Bali. But if you start talking to those people who did the same, listen to their podcasts or so, you will believe in yourself.

A huge thing that you have to learn is to forget your fears of failure. Most likely, you will fail, but as long as you get back up, it doesn’t really matter. Remember that you should always have an exit strategy, as it’s also possible that you will find this lifestyle too weird or unacceptable for yourself after a while. Having a backup plan is always a good idea that brings confidence.

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