How You Can Develop an App in Singapore Even If you’re No Techie

Are you looking to build a mobile app but don’t have the first clue where to start? You’ve got a great idea, one that you just know is going to take off, but you don’t know how to code, or design, you don’t really know much about app building at all. Really, you don’t need to know and here’s why. There are several things you can do:

1. Learn to Code
Anyone can learn how to code, it isn’t difficult and there are plenty of online sources and courses that you can go to. You just need to learn enough to get a basic first version of the app up and running. It must be an MVP app – minimum viable product, one that offers some kind of value to potential customers and, once you get that far, you can take it much further.

2. Hire a Team or Agency
If learning to code is not your thing or you just want to get things off the ground straight away, then hiring a mobile app development agency or an external team to help could be the way to go. You can search for any app company Singapore has to offer but make sure you hire one that has the relevant experience in working with people who are not technically minded. And don’t expect a cheap price – you know the old saying, “if you pay peanuts, you only get monkeys.” It’s very true in this case. The co-founder, John Collison, of Stripe had this to say:
“The problem with outsourcers is that to get a good job done, the level of detail you need in the spec often seems so high that you’re basically writing pseudocode. You can’t just give somebody a feature and say, ‘make it awesome.’ At that level of detail, you might as well write the code yourself.”

So, here’s how you do it:
● Save your cash up; enough to get your app built and off the ground
● Have the first app version developed to only offer the core value of the app – the absolute bare bones must-have. Everything else can come later
● Invest and get this app in the stores, get some traction. Try to generate the revenue you need from the start
Then, and only then you can move on to improving the app

3. Use an App Builder
There are quite a few of these available to all users, no matter what their technical level is and they all help you to get your first app built, up and running without the need to write any code at all. These are a great idea for those who already have a web app and want to give it mobile ability as well, but they won’t work if you are looking for a custom mobile app development solution.

Really and truthfully, these are your only options for getting an app built if you don’t have any real technical skills. App building requires effort, understanding and no small measure of analytical skills not to mention being able to detect and fix bugs in your app. You won’t get that at a cheap price so don’t settle for second best. One of the best app company in Singapore that will offer you the best service at a competitive price is Ambient,, Web & App Development Agency Singapore & Malaysia.

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