About Me

My blog is dedicated to traveling, getting new experiences and being a part of digital nomad culture. I’ve been living as a digital nomad, earning for my writing and doing little side freelance projects for over a year now. So everything you will read here is proven by my own experience, as well as by experiences of all those who love with the way of life.

What You Will Find on My Blog

  • My personal story.
    Throughout these pages, you will get pieces and bits of my own story. I fell in love with traveling as a kid, but as many others was scared of leaving the country and getting on the road. You will find out how I ditched my fears to the curb and embraces a totally new way of life.
  • And stories of other people.
    I love to hear stories from expats, people who experience and act upon their wanderlust tendencies or are fully established digital nomads. This way, this blog could be a small community for people who are sharing the same passion.
  • Lifehacks to surviving in different cultures.
    Being in a different environment, hearing people talk funny, being unable to understand how to act and carry yourself… I know everything about those feelings, so I came up with tips and lists of things that could help you be safe and get as many cool experiences as you can.
  • Tips to absorb as many cool things as you can.
    It will be hard for you to stay in another culture and decide to come out of your closet to find new people and make memories. You will also deal with fear, personal issues and homesickness. Luckily, there are ways to fight those.
  • Pieces of advice on how to earn money online.
    I can teach you to earn a living (or more) staying at home. This way, you will travel and still have something in your pocket.
  • Everything about wanderlust culture.
    You will learn more about where and why it began as well as some of my personal theories about why people experience that wanderlust.

Of course, this is not a full list of ideas and things I will write about. For example, you will find some language learning tips too, learn how to meet new people or will find more about different cultures. Stay with me to see the benefits of being a digital nomad.

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